Water Park Experience

This is a brand new Water Park features three different swimming pools, in one location. All pools are decked with fun facilities for entire family to enjoy. Included are:

  • A large swimming pool with a floating obstacle course area, several floating seesaws and slides, among many more.
  • A large baby pool and a water playground with swinging, water-pouring buckets, slides, water jet rings and spraying fountains.
  • A giant, bouncy, water slide with its exclusive landing pool.

The water park features a special arena. where adults supervising children can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery, in full view of the activities at the pools.

Entry into the water park is at an all-low introductory fee of Kshs. 1000 only per head. This allows for full day access to all the above-described pools. This price will apply until December 21st 2018, after which a new rate will apply.